A Little Beer Tasting Group

A Little Beer. A Little Fun. A Little Friendship.

Hi! Welcome to A Little Beer Tasting Group! 

We're a group of people from all different ages and backgrounds who like to make new friends. We happen to like beer too. But we don't take it too seriously. Oh, the beer is good, don't get us wrong. 

Our events are informal and relaxed. We simply aim to make some new friends, share a few laughs and find some new beers to enjoy. We meet monthly at Patrick's Pub, a cozy neighborhood bar/restaurant with excellent food and a great beer selection. Come early and eat dinner before the tasting!

If this sounds like fun, which it is, then please join us for a little BFF (beer, fun and friendship). We can't wait to meet you!

BTW, we don't have an official membership. Just purchase a ticket to one of our events and enjoy the fun. Everyone is welcome!


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